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The Importance of Home Inspections

Are you considering purchasing a new home? Whether it’s your first home or an investment property, one crucial step in the process is getting a home inspection. In a recent podcast episode on Greatness, Chris Mitchell, founder of Real Choice Home Inspections, shared invaluable insights into the world of home inspections and why they matter in the realm of real estate.

Key Takeaways from the Podcast:

Expertise Matters: Chris Mitchell brings over 30 years of experience in building houses, pools, and commercial buildings, along with expertise as a heating and air technician, making him uniquely qualified for home inspections. This comprehensive background ensures thorough and informed inspections.

Diverse Inspection Needs: Real Choice Home Inspections operates in both Las Vegas and South Florida. Chris highlights the different inspection requirements for each location, such as wind mitigation and four-point inspections for hurricane insurance in South Florida. Understanding these regional nuances is crucial for providing accurate assessments.

Choosing the Right Inspector: The podcast emphasizes the importance of selecting the right inspection company. RoR marus discusses the need for diversity in referrals to avoid conflicts of interest. By working with reputable companies like Real Choice Home Inspections, clients can ensure unbiased evaluations of their prospective properties.

Challenges and Responsibilities: Chris sheds light on the challenges faced by home inspectors, including adhering to industry guidelines and addressing client concerns. Despite the meticulous nature of inspections, inspectors are only human and may occasionally overlook certain aspects. However, maintaining open communication and a commitment to continuous improvement are essential for delivering quality service.

Building Trust Through Reviews: In today’s digital age, client reviews play a significant role in establishing trust. Chris emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive reputation, as approximately 65-70% of his business comes from referrals. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, inspection companies can build long-term relationships with clients and foster a thriving business.


In the dynamic world of real estate, home inspections serve as a crucial safeguard for buyers, providing insights into the condition of a property and uncovering potential issues that may impact its value. With experienced professionals like Chris Mitchell and Real Choice Home Inspections, clients can navigate the complexities of home buying with confidence, knowing they have a trusted ally guiding them every step