Modern Choice Financial Podcast

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  • This is the first episode of the “Milestone Builders Show”, featuring real estate professionals discussing various topics, including finance, real estate, investment, and hard money lending.
  • The episode introduces a special guest, Brian, who is a highly regarded lender with extensive experience in the field.
  • The show offers a special promotion for veterans, providing free VA appraisals for home purchases or refinances if contacted before the end of the month.
  • Brian discusses the importance of financial preparation for homebuyers, including the sourcing and seasoning of funds, managing debt, and understanding income sources.
  • The episode covers various types of loans, such as FHA, conventional, and VA loans, including their respective loan limits and features.


  • The video is the second episode of the Milestone Builders Show, aimed at providing information about finance and real estate to investors and first-time homebuyers.
  • The episode focuses on the topic of tax, particularly how tax affects loan qualification, which is relevant for self-employed individuals and business owners.
  • The host mentions that the show is designed for individuals at all levels of real estate experience, from beginners to experienced investors.
  • The episode features a guest, Brian, who is described as a highly respected professional in the industry, particularly in terms of mortgage lending.
  • Brian discusses various aspects of loans, including different types (FHA and conventional), credit scores, and the impact of disputes on credit reports. He emphasizes that loan approval is a complex process and varies based on individual circumstances.


  • The video is the third episode of the “Milestone Builders Show” on YouTube, hosted by Mehrooz Misaghian, focusing on various aspects of the real estate industry.
  • The episode features guests Dalene McLaughlin and Norma Green, who discuss topics related to title and escrow in real estate transactions.
  • Dalene McLaughlin, with WFG National Title, talks about her 22 years of experience in the title industry and how she ensures the insurability of real estate deals.
  • Norma Green, from Direct Signings, explains her company’s role in assisting with accommodation dates and dealing with changes in property titles, such as adding or removing names.
  • The conversation covers various complex issues related to property titles, liens, trusts, and probate, highlighting the importance of title insurance and the benefits of a trust in avoiding probate.


  • Introduction to the first episode of the “Modern Choice Financial” podcast, with a focus on serving clients with various financial services.
  • The speaker’s background as an insurance and real estate agent, leading to the expansion of services to provide comprehensive solutions.
  • Announcements about their new multi-service office, with plans to add property management in the future.
  • The commitment to establishing a long-term presence in the community and offering various financial services.
  • Explanation of the podcast’s purpose, which aims to address common questions and concerns related to real estate, insurance, and other financial topics while providing a platform for engagement with the audience.


  • The YouTube video is the 5th episode of “Greatness” where they discuss real estate topics, particularly focusing on home appraisal.
  • The host introduces Eric, an appraiser with over 20 years of experience, to demystify the home appraisal process.
  • The discussion covers various aspects of home appraisal, including its impact on both sellers and buyers, pricing a property to sell, and being realistic when submitting an offer.
  • Eric shares insights into the appraisal industry, addressing misconceptions about FHA and conventional appraisers and the impact of audits by HUD.
  • The conversation touches on market trends, inflation, and the influence of interest rates on housing prices, with a mention of the challenges faced during the pandemic, such as buyers willing to pay more than the appraised value.


  • The video is a podcast episode titled “Everything you need to know about: Home Inspection” featuring a guest named Chris Mitchell.
  • Chris Mitchell is the founder and owner of Real Choice Home Inspections, with 15 years of experience in building houses, pools, and commercial buildings, as well as expertise in heating and air.
  • The podcast host, RoR marus, discusses the background of Chris Mitchell and the company, highlighting their focus on thorough inspections and extensive knowledge in construction.
  • The conversation covers topics such as the challenges inspectors face, the guidelines they follow, and the diversity of inspections, including new builds, commercial buildings, and specialized inspections for hurricane insurance in Florida.
  • The host emphasizes the importance of customer service, reviews, and referrals in the home inspection business and mentions the impact of the economy on new home builds, including concerns about the quality of construction due to cost-cutting measures.


  • Title: “Mastering Probate Avoidance: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Financial Freedom”
  • The podcast episode discusses probate, specifically focusing on its implications for immigrants and the importance of understanding different rules in the United States.
  • The host introduces Mickey, an attorney with 39 years of experience, specializing in real estate, estate planning, and probates.
  • The discussion emphasizes the negative aspects of probate, including delays, costs, and potential complications, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The importance of creating a trust is highlighted, with Mickey providing insights into how trusts work, their benefits, and the various assets that can be included in them.


  • The podcast episode focuses on insurance in the context of a multi-service office, covering mortgage, real estate, and insurance, with plans to add tax and other services.
  • The host introduces the guest, Michael DEA, who has been in the insurance business for over nine years, emphasizing the evolution from a captive agency to a brokerage with multiple insurance companies.
  • The discussion delves into the distinction between captive agencies (like State Farm) and brokerages, highlighting the flexibility and diversity offered by brokerages in representing various insurance companies to cater to different client demographics.
  • The main focus of the episode is on auto insurance, addressing factors such as driving records, coverage types (liability, comprehensive, and collision), and the importance of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage for bodily injury.
  • The hosts emphasize the need for proper insurance coverage, the impact of driving records and demographic factors on insurance rates, and the importance of being informed about different coverages to make well-informed decisions.


  • Introduction to the Podcast: The episode is part of the “Modern Choice Financial” podcast, where the host, RoR marus, discusses real estate, insurance, mortgage, and related topics with industry professionals as guests.
  • Podcast Goals: The podcast aims to efficiently address common questions from the audience, offering a resource for listeners to find answers to frequently asked questions about real estate, insurance, and mortgages.

  • Host’s Expertise: RoR marus is licensed in three different areas, focusing on mortgage, real estate, and insurance brokerage. The podcast covers various aspects of these industries and aims to provide valuable insights to the audience.

  • Discussion Topics: While the intended topic for the episode is mortgage-related, the guest’s absence leads to a broader discussion covering real estate, insurance, and related topics. The host emphasizes the importance of understanding the market and making informed decisions.

  • Buy vs. Rent Discussion: Towards the end, RoR marus discusses the advantages of homeownership, emphasizing the potential for building equity and the long-term financial benefits compared to renting. The host touches on market trends, interest rates, and the impact of inflation on housing decisions.